Curry Fried Rice #15

As I am stumbling at work and worrying about the challenge, I managed to pull this off this morning. It is very quick to prepare and it looks nice, if you are having nice lunch gathering with your girlfriends, this would be perfect.

I love fried rice. I never get bored of it. I know it is lame, but one of the best Indonesian street dishes is fried rice. They are cooked with margarine (really), laden with sweet soy sauce, generous spices of garlic, shallots and lots of chilies, served with a bit of chicken bits here and there and some crackers and pickled shallots and chilies. But homemade fried rice is really the best. My favorite fried rice is the ones rich with spices and chilies. The fancy bits such as meat of all sorts are nice, but the rice and spice are all I want in a good serving of fried rice.

There is this restaurant that served curry fried rice wrapped in a piece of omelette, shaped like an envelope. It is a very popular restaurant and that fried rice is one of the best seller dish.

I was using our pre-made curry paste for the fried rice. Any instant curry paste can be used. A lot of other ingredients can be added, chicken, lamb, beef, prawn, deep-fried potato cubes, peas. Or even vegetarian version. I was very tempted to throw in some raisins and cashews to create a briyani look-alike. Maybe next time.

The basic ingredients are onion, curry paste, curry leaves and coconut milk.

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Chocolate and Milk Jelly #14

A very easy, yet slightly time consuming chocolate and milk jelly. Again, my first attempt but the chocolate part is a definite keeper. I combined melted chocolate for the chocolate layered part and milk for the white layered part.

Weekend is here. I will be found running around the kitchen like a mad woman with the jelly cones. So, if you need me, I will be here.

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Who loves Thai’s style sticky rice and mango? You would see me waving my hands frantically, as others who love sweet stuff. For many, sticky rice is a little bit too sweet, but for the sweet tooth, it is something delicious, worth traveling hundreds of miles. When my parents went to Bangkok for a short holiday, she brought home a box of sticky rice and mango. Seriously, she did. I was very surprised that she actually put the box in her hand carry and flew for 4 hours to bring that home to me because I so love them.

I made sticky rice and mango this morning, and it was creamy and sweet, slightly nutty with the addition of sesame seeds. Not really the same as the ones in Bangkok or any other Thai cities, but for a Thursday morning snack, it was such a treat and I had so much fun making it. They plated up really well too with Royal Selangor’s pewter moulds.

That morning, mother and I sat on our dining table enjoying the two cones of sticky rice and we talked about our neighbours. Yeah, we did. It is the best snack for our mother and daughter gossip sessions.

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Watermelon Sorbetto #12

My cooking style is not very adventurous, as you might have seen. I am  an annoying perfectionist, I only cook things that I know will work, although it doesn’t always work 100 percent of the times, but the percentage is pretty high to keep my head sane. I guess I have a very demanding day job, that I have to remain focus from the moment I wake up till 5 o’clock, which sometimes couldn’t come soon enough, so if I am going to take a couple of hours off work to cook, that dish better work and I’d better take good pictures of it.

The pudding fiasco from yesterday has left me a bit traumatized. I cheered myself up with a little frozen treat from my little red book (or blue, in this case). It is refreshing. It is cheerful. It makes you smile on the first bite. It is like those cheesy chick flicks’ first dates.

Do you have any fruit that you can simply not be able to eat it, and the smell of it is just enough to make you feel sick? I do, I do. I have a couple, actually. Whenever I have no other choice but to eat them, I squeezed a bit of lime juice on them. The lime makes the fruit bearable, almost delicious. That fruit is papaya. I know that I am an ungrateful, living in tropical paradise but hating papaya. I feel awful sometimes, but I can’t help it. The point I was trying to say is that lime is a great way to smarten up any fruit, and bring the taste and sweetness of fruit to a new dimension, with just a little twist. Adding lime to my favorite fruit is just heaven.

This frozen treat have all the things I love. Watermelon. Lime. Chocolate chip, which is what makes it extra special. What is the fruit that you can’t take and what do you do to ‘dress it up’?

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Sago Pudding #11

Two things happened worth a bit of sharing. First is that I taste my first sago pudding. Yeah, I have never had sago pudding before. Second, for the first time since the beginning of the cone journey, I made a wobbly pudding. Of all the dishes I made using the cone, they all stand straight and perky. This one, not so much. It was too late to start a new one and I didn’t have a back up plan.

Sago pudding is a Malaysian dessert that I picked up from a cookbook I got a couple of months ago. I have never had it, so I didn’t know the consistency of the dish. It turns out to be soft textured and served with coconut milk and palm sugar sauce. I enjoyed it greatly, after I accepted the fact that I only had one decent shot before the cone collapsed.

This is the pearl sago that I used. I have never cooked with this type of sago before, and the ones I bought had bits of red color sagos. I didn’t know that the dish will turn out pink. Do not wash this. I washed my first batch and most of the sago fell apart.

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