We live in the tropics, where people hardly ever heard of Thanksgiving. I thought it would be great to have a nice dinner party introducing the concept of Thanksgiving to our family and close friends. There are a lot to be thankful for all year round of 2008, and what would be best to sum it up with a nice dinner in the garden? 

I could not be happier when my proposal for November 24 meals, 24 hours, 24 blogs was selected by FoodBuzz. That is a great opportunity that I had never thought would be possible. 

The preparation started two weeks ago with party theme, choice of menu, guest list, cutleries and dinnerware,  music list and basic party needs such as tables, chairs, light fixtures. Then I moved on to the shopping, cooking schedule and deadline, decoration. Read on to see how it all went.

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Bread stuffing for turkey

I modified some of the recipes I found with the ingredients I could find here. The stuffing and gravy were the hit amongst the guests. The gravy was all gone during the first 20 minutes. Maybe next time around I should double the recipe. 

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Roast Turkey

Adapted from FoodNetwork, I picked this recipe amongst thousands of other ones I have found because it was the simplest and seemed to be really easy. 

The turkey turned out to be moist and lightly scented with the aromatics. The brine flavored the turkey subtly. A perfect one for guests who had never had turkey before. 

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Anchovies with Green Chili

 anchovies with green chili
A new anchovies dish that we experimented with for Thanksgiving dinner party. It received a rave review from our guests. The right amount of chili and the sweetness on the tip of your tongue will definitely make you dance. Well, not literally, you know what I meant. Definitely the easiest dish of the day.

Photos taken by Rusdy Suki

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Fruit Punch

 fruid punch

We called this “Es Buah” in Indonesian language. My auntie made the best fruit punch ever. She was kind enough to make some for the party plus sharing the recipe. This is not your ordinary fruit punch, but rather cut up fruit with some sweet sugar syrup. Very simple to make, yet satisfying.

Whilst slurping away the sweet liquid, you can also munch on the chewy and juicy fruit. How great is that? Excellent for me who live in a country with 86% humidity all year long

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