indonesian fried rice

If we have a national dish – that is well known all over the world for, it would be “Nasi Goreng Indonesia”. Indonesian fried rice has been popular in and out of the country. If you are stranded in some city or town or village and you stepped into local eateries, and if you happened to be not too adventurous in culinary quest, it is the safest item to order and you can always find it in any decent restaurants in sight. Even when they don’t have it in the menu, providing that restaurant do serve rice, you can request for it.

Indonesians like to fit all sorts of flavors and textures in one biteful. That is what sets the fried rice apart from other version found in the region. The condiments are fried shallots, fried rice / prawn crackers, shredded chicken meat and fresh vegetables such as lettuce, sliced cucumber, sliced tomatoes. The flavor is enriched by shrimp paste, chili, garlic and shallots.

As always, the rice used is day-old rice. Newly cooked rice can also be used, if they are properly cooled. However, the fried rice will turn out to be stickier, so proper care in adjusting the heat is needed to ensure that doesn’t happen. Fried rice with grains sticking together is such a turn-off.

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baked macaroni

Many years ago, a good friend made baked macaroni and brought it to work and we all had a bite. I was so loving it that I tried a lot of recipes to find the right one. Sometimes they were too dry, too salty or too bland. After many tries, I am glad to say that I have finally found the one. This baked macaroni is not the usual macaroni with cheese and milk – I love mine with a little (or a lot) more. Garlic, onion, corned meat, smoked ham and diced chicken meat are other ingredients I included. 

Everything is tossed into a casserole dish and then sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese. Baked for half an hour, left on kitchen top till slightly cooled – the pasta and cheesy treat are ready to be cut and served with hot sauce. 

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Leek & Tofu

Some days of the month, we only prepare vegetarian dishes at home. Most of the dishes are nice and easy to cook. Some only takes less than 15 minutes from preparation to ready to be served on dining table.

SInce I learned cooking, leek and tofu stir fry is my favorite dish since it is so simple and yet so pretty. The spices used is galangal and ginger, which gave the seemingly boring ingredients a special twist.

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stir fry papaya buds

Papaya buds (flower buds from papaya tree, bunga pepaya) is notorious for their bitter taste. When treated right, they are very quite alright. Indonesians have well developed taste buds for this itsy bitsy bitter baby flowers.

I am not sure if other cuisine in the region use this part of the plants for cooking, but this is quite popular in Indonesian restaurants.

papaya flower buds

The papaya buds is blanched with hot water to remove the bitterness. They are practically cooked when blanched, so the cooking time itself is very short. Mainly only to get the rest of the ingredients cooked. It is quite important not to overcook. Once the papaya buds is thrown in, only another minute is needed to mix everything together. If overcooked, the dish will be soggy and weird.

I really had fun cooking this. I find the cooking process quite interesting, how all other ingredients are processed by mortar and pestle / food processor.

wild ginger flower buds

How can I describe the taste .. it has slightly bitter taste still – which is the main characteristic of the flower. The eggplant gives it interesting texture – a squishy quality. The chili – something to burn your tongue and throat with. The fermented soy sauce gives it a good kick. The best part of all is the fragrant wild ginger flower bud. It is all mashed up together with the rest, really brings everything together.

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fish with chili

Another fish dish using round scad. As I mentioned before, round scad is very cheap and readily available in any wet market. A good source of protein in affordable price. Very important variables in grocery shopping bible these days huh. I am very fond of them – except one minor drawback, that they always need to be deep-fried. It also has very interesting texture when deep fried – the meat is a bit tough and chewy, but nobody ever seem to mind.

My mother loves to deep-fry them till the skin is crunchy, and then prepares the chili paste separately. When ready, the fish is then tossed in to the wok with paste and mixed well.

The crunchiness of the fish and the tanginess of the chili paste are great combination. As usual, the only missing element is the warm steamed rice.

The base chili paste (sambal goreng in local dialect) with stinky beans can be used with any kind of dish. Chicken, squid, any type of seawater fish, even tofu for vegetarian style sambal goreng.

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